Resource mobilization (of projects and amount of money) (2006-2012)


Name of project About the project Amount (US $)
(FARMESA (Farm Level applied Research Methods in Eastern and South Africa)/SIDA Improving feed resources availability on smallholder dairy farms in Kasenge parish, Mukono district  10,000
DANIDA and World Bank Effect of incorporating forage legumes in intensive smallholder dairy farming systems on feed availability and animal performance 100,000
DANIDA An innovative approach for enhancing adoption of fodder conservation technologies by smallholder dairy farmers in Masaka district  50,000
DANIDA  Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpruem) Stunting Disease Control/Management Strategy in Uganda   90,000
 ASARECA  Integrated nutrient management strategies for sustainable crop-livestock production systems in the Eastern and Central Africa Region   90,000
 NARO-EZCF Competitive fund  Enhancing adoption of fodder banks and forage conservation technologies in Soroti and Manafwa districts  ASARECA
 MSI/UNCST  Contributing to the basic understanding and management of Napier stunt disease in Uganda. Millennium Science Initiative/Uganda National Council of Science and Technology   249,000
 ASARECA  Crop-Livestock integration for sustainable management of natural resources and building livestock resilience in East and Central Africa  420,000
 Government of Uganda/ATAAS  Evaluation and utilisation of sorghum varieties and Tithonia Diversifolia as alternative feed resources for smallholder cattle and goat farmers  330,650
 Bioversity International  Growing bananas with trees and livestock: young farmer business groups improve crop and natural resource health and market links for rural well-being   499,180
The Rockefeller Foundation Mitigating the effects of climate change in smallholder crop-livestock systems  40,000
FAO Improving rangeland productivity through appropriate rehabilitation methods in Karamoja sub-region 150,000
 CIAT  Dry season forages for improving dairy cattle productivity during the dry season  12,000
 ATAAS  Effect of pre and postpartum supplementation with multi-nutrient mineral blocks  145,000
East Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme Enhancing adoption of Napier grass to Napier stunt disease for increased feed availability in small holder systems 123,400
ASARECA Harnessing crop-livestock integration to enhance food security and livelihoods resilience to effects of climate variability and climate change in Eastern and Central Africa 905,523
   Total (US $)   3,769,530



Contribution to infrastructure development.

(i) A vehicle under ASARECA funded project

(ii) 3 laptops, 2 printers and 1 LCD

Other outstanding contribution to intellectual properties or public goods (international, regional, national)

(i) Developed a nutrient feed block- the technology was adopted in Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We are working with Novice international to commercialize the block

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