Inspecting a maize Garden


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Building a water harvesting tank

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Preparing grass for cows to feed


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Helping Ugandan Farmers

That was in 2002, when she enrolled for a doctorate degree. Masaka district in central Uganda was her project location. Dr Kabirizi, 58, a mother of three and now a PhD holder in crop science (forage), said the farmers were accustomed to the traditional ways of farm management, and did not see any value in learning new technologies.

Visit of the Dutch Ambassador

The Dutch Ambassador and a team of other dignitaries visited Kyakuwa farm on 22nd April 2014 as part of the team to access the best farmer in the DFCU best farmer competition. They viewed simple but modern technologies that are used at the farm to enhance the model of urban farming. Things like solar driers etc.

Making a kill from urban farming

It is difficult to believe there is a profitable agricultural enterprise inside this enclosed homestead in Seguku. The farm is located in an urban setting on less than 20 decimals of land. The farm is located in an urban setting on less than 20 decimals of land. The same space is also occupied by nine houses, most of them for rent.

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DR JOLLY KABIRIZI recieves women's day medal

Dr. Jolly Kabirizi was the receipient of a women's day award at the celebrations in Dokolo district on 8th March 2017 for her contribution towards the livelihood of the smallholder farmers in Uganda.

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Projects Executed

Nutrient feed blocks

Making nutrient feed blocks, Jinja Uganda 2013.


Planting Napier

Pumping Water

Pumping water from a water harvest tank in Uganda


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Activities at the Farm

You are welcome to tour and learn from Kyakuwa farm on appointment. Below is what we do at the farm.

  • Zero grazing
  • Fish farming
  • Solar drying
  • Grafting
  • Cattle and pig feed preparation

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